Opossum and Taft founder Gabriel Notarangelo grew up in a grey suburb of Detroit, Michigan. To embrace the stark cold, he began drawing Renaissance-inspired portraits at the age of 15 before going on to study art and performance at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, he submerged himself in the rich design culture turning his home into a canvas, the bright terrain of Los Angeles his colorful inspiration. He soon began selling his charcoal portraits, reclaimed furniture, antiques, and home goods at the Melrose Trading Post.

As a visual and performance artist, his designs are governed by character, story, and history. Using influences from the past to move design and art forward, his sophisticated interiors offer a journey that allow guests to create and honor memories.

Incidentally, his colorless portraits continue to match the grey of his childhood hometown.


O&T's inaugural booth at the Melrose Trading Post in October 2016.