Past productions.



directed by Cameron Fife

When Beth and Sarah find an unexpected visitor living in their back yard, these roommates are forced to compromise their environmental and social ideologies in order to decide whether their homeless friend should stay or go. The piece was written by Beth Triffon and Sarah Peck, shot by Kerry Hendersun, and production designed by O&T.


directed by Aaron Gervich

After the untimely death of their best friend, two young women reunite in Los Angeles for a bachelorette party. When Claire, the maid of honor, ruins the weekend with her self-destructive behavior, resentments come to light and secrets are revealed that threaten the lifelong bond of these best friends. The piece was written by Aaron Gervich, shot by Shan Liljestrand, and production designed by O&T.


directed by Erika Rankin

A dark comedy about a well meaning amateur psychiatrist whose unconventional therapy actually works, if it weren't for the fact that he's a complete fraud. The piece was written by Joel Sinensky, shot by Michael Stine, and production designed by O&T.